Harmony Cloud HR Management

Harmony HR Management helps you recording your employees data online, calculate their payrolls, track their attendance, expenses, overtimes, leaves, visas, iqamas and more… With self service functions your HR will be much easier to handle. Harmony notifications will help you remind about expiry and due dates timely.

Harmony Cloud HR Management Dashboard
  • Record your employees’ file online (Employee data, contract, medical insurances, dependents)
  • Manage Employee attendance and yearly vacations.
  • Calculate payroll automatically (Calculation, approval and payment of payrolls)
  • Manage employee overtimes
  • Track employee expenses (submissions, approvals and payments)
  • Manage governmental docs of your employees (Visit Visas, Iqamas, Exit Reentry)
  • Get Notifications on your mobile for approvals and reminders.
  • See live stats on HR dashboard
  • Take reports for any time interval about HR processes

Harmony Cloud Accounting Module

Harmony Accounting Module focuses on simple and easy accounting for companies. You can record your customers’ and suppliers’ data and make your invoices through system with custom invoice designer tool of Harmony Cloud. Accounting module is also integrated with HR module which makes data entry of transactions like payroll, expenses, and other allowances automatically. With accounting dashboard and reports, Harmony cloud will help you track your financial status anywhere you are.

Harmony Cloud Accounting Module Dashboard
  • Record your customers and suppliers,
  • Design your own invoice templates for your company
  • Make, print or email invoices with your template
  • Record payments done for invoices
  • Record cash transactions easily
  • Receive weekly financial status on your email
  • Receive notifications for due payments on your mobile
  • See live stats on Accounting Dashboard
  • Get reports for financial statements for any time interval

Harmony Cloud Sales/Procurement and Stock Module

Harmony Cloud Stock module is a compact module with Sales, Procurement and Stock functions. It allows users to make & receive quotations, approve and convert them to sales/purchase orders and then give order to stock for delivery and receiving.Integration with Accounting module allows sales & purchase orders can be converted to invoice & bills which automatically will update the accounting module.

Harmony Cloud Stock Module Dashboard
  • Make quotations, approve them and issue sales order
  • Send stock order to warehouse for delivery
  • Make request for quotations, approve them and issue purchase order
  • Transfer purchase order to stock for receiving goods
  • Track and monitor inventory of your products.
  • Get notified on your mobile for the low stock items.
  • See live stats on Stock dashboard.
  • Get reports for your stock, sales and purchases for any time interval

Harmony Cloud Asset Management

Asset management is a useful module to track your assets. Companies can record their assets with their photos and important documents like warranty, certificates or invoices. Assign the assets to employees and do handovers from one to another. You can keep the transaction history of the assets and manage disposal of assets at the end of their lifetime.

Harmony Cloud Asset Management Dashboard
  • Record your assets with their supporting documents
  • Assign assets to employees
  • Do handovers and keep track of the asset usage
  • Record the disposal details of the assets.
  • See live stats on dashboard
  • Get reports about your assets for any time interval